One Way Trailer Hire

A box trailer with cover.Hiring a trailer has many advantages. For starters you do not need to pay for the upkeep or registration of the trailer. You are also able to hire the sort of trailer that meets you needs. In some cases you can even use a trailer for free from certain hardware stores. Another fantastic advantage of hiring a trailer is that you can hire it for a one way journey. This means that you can pick up a trailer in one place and return it to an entirely different destination. This can save a lot of time and hassle and be a very practical way to transport resources, vehicles and even animals, if the need arises.

What is one way rental

One way trailer hire is the process of hiring a trailer in one destination and returning it to a different destination after a set amount of time. For example, you are moving from Adelaide to Perth so you hire the trailer in Adelaide and drop it off at the depot in Perth. This is extremely convenient and essential if you plan on a long distance journey (such as moving house). Many companies that offer trailer for hire also offer one way trailer hire.

How to hire a one way trailer

Hiring a trailer is much the same process as hiring a trailer for return to the same destination. It is however a good idea to book in advance as there is no guarantee that the destination you had in mind will have a trailer at the time you need it. One of the easiest ways to hire a trailer is to go online. many companies such as U-Haul, Move Yourself Trailer Hire, Discount Hire have websites where you are able to hire a trailer for one way use. In some cases they may even have special prices available for certain destinations and dates. To hire a trailer online you will need to have some idea of the date and destinations that you are picking your trailer up from and where you will be returning it to. You will also need to have a credit card to pay for the trailer. Make sure that you are on the lookout for discount voucher codes as these could save you considerable amounts of money on your hire costs.

You can also hire a trailer one way by contacting the companies in your area that offer trailer hire. Be prepared to shop around and do some research, you might find that you are able to lower the price by mentioning a competing company. There are companies, such as ours, that offer to find you the best price for a suitable vehicle/trailer for a small fee.

What are the reasons that I need a one way service?

Hiring a trailer one way is a fantastic idea if you are moving interstate or a long distance from your current place of residence. By hiring a moving trailer you are able to pick your trailer up where you currently reside. You can then pack your trailer and drive your belongings to your new residence without having to drive the trailer back to the destination you hired it from. Another reason you may hire a trailer one way is if you are on holidays. You may choose to hire both and car and a camper trailer and return them to a destination that is different from where you began (so you can fly home for example). One way trailer hire could also come in handy if your existing trailer breaks down. You can hire a trailer to replace your own and then return it closer or at your intended destination. This type of rental could also come in handy if you buy a car, motorbike or other vehicle and you need to tow it home, but don’t yet have a proper trailer or will have no need of one once the vehicle is home. The same could be done for a horse that you have purchased, but will not need to move once it is settled in its new home.

As you can clearly see there are many advantages to hiring a trailer for a one way trip. So the next time you find yourself in need of a trailer for a one way journey consider hiring it. It will save you time and money in the end.

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